Symptoms in Children

Defect of spine formation

A disorder known as a "defect of spine formation" occurs when the spinal column develops abnormally during the prenatal growth period. The spinal cord and accompanying components can extend through an opening in the spine in Meningomyelocele (MMC) or Spina Bifida, two disorders that can be the result of this abnormality. Spine defects may lead to neurological impairments and necessitate specialist medical care to treat complications and improve patient outcomes.

Visible bulge, dimple or tuft hair on the back

A noticeable indentation, a protrusion, or hair bristle on the back could be an indication of a possible spinal problem, like spina bifida. These physical indicators are supposed to trigger a doctor to do more testing.

Deformation of the spine or limbs

Spine or limb deformity is a term used to describe abnormal changes in the curvature or alignment of the spine or extremities. These changes can cause physical abnormalities or problems with movement and posture.

Weakness in the limbs

Leg weakness is a loss of strength or mobility in the arms or legs. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including neurological, muscle, or systemic diseases, and can affect daily activities and mobility

Lack of control on bladder and bowels

Urine leakage in Pune results from difficulty controlling the release of urine, leading to involuntary accidents, impacting daily life. Management strategies are necessary for hygiene and comfort amid these challenges.

A continuous leakage of urine or stools

Stool leakage in Pune is a continuous involuntary release that affects daily life. On the other hand, urinary control in pune is important for controlling urine leakage, avoiding accidents, and providing comfort. Both conditions need to be managed effectively. We provide individualized treatment plans and compassionate treatment to help you regain control and improve your quality of life.

Frequent urinary tract infections leading to high fever

Increased fevers associated with recurrent urinary tract infections may be a sign of a dangerous underlying condition. For the illness to be properly diagnosed and treated, prompt medical intervention is essential.

Lack of sensations in the limbs leading to frequent injuries

Lack of sensation in the extremities can lead to more frequent accidents. This condition needs to be closely monitored and treated properly to avoid accidents and keep your limbs healthy.

Learning and speech difficulty

At Spine and Child Center, we provide specialized support for learning and speech difficulties in children, offering personalized interventions to help them overcome challenges and reach their full potential.