Effect on Kidneys

While the public focus of MMC is on orthopaedic and neurological treatment, the damage to the spinal cord also affects the urinary bladder and the kidneys.

The damage to the critically important kidneys leads to severe health complications in the patient.

The damage to the kidney starts as soon as the infant is born, hence quick urological assessment and treatment is essential.

Neurogenic bladder in pune



At the Spine and Child Center, we treat neurogenic bladders in an in-depth manner, extending beyond the orthopedic and neurological components of Meningomyelocele (MMC). Although orthopedic and neurological therapies receive the majority of public attention, spinal cord injuries also have a major influence on the urinary system, including the kidneys and bladder.

A neurogenic bladder results from abnormal bladder function disrupted by spinal cord damage. This puts the kidneys at danger in addition to making daily living difficult for the patient. Impaired urine production can cause serious harm to the kidneys, which are essential for preserving general health. The injury starts shortly after birth, which highlights how urgent urological evaluation and treatment are.

Our committed staff understands how important it is to handle neurogenic bladder issues as soon as possible. For babies and kids with MMC, we provide customized urological evaluations that guarantee a prompt and precise diagnosis. Mitigating kidney damage, averting serious health problems, and enhancing the patient’s general well-being all depend on early management.

We ensure the health and quality of life of MMC patients by promoting the significance of prompt evaluations and focused treatment, and we concentrate on long-term prevention, particularly in the critical field of the kidney’s health.