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Spine and Child Centre (SCC) is an attempt by experienced, qualified and socially-conscious team of Pune based doctors to integrate all the MMC treatment and management skills with facilities under one roof. 

SCC in Pune is more than just a standard medical facility. It is a beacon of hope in the world of healthcare. The Spina Bifida Center in Pune specializes in treating and managing Meningomyelocele illnesses (MMC), including its complicated forms. The SCC is more than a standard medical facility; it is the collective vision of an experienced, qualified, socially-conscious team of doctors in Pune. The SCC’s shared mission is to change the way MMC is treated and managed by bringing together a diverse range of skills and facilities under one roof. What makes spine and child centers stand out is its multidisciplinary approach to managing MMC. The team understands that managing this condition necessitates more than medical knowledge; it requires a deep comprehension of socio-economic determinants that often exacerbate the condition’s exacerbation. It has been carefully crafted to provide not only innovative medical care, but also an environment of compassion and support where patients and families can find comfort and support. SCC brings together a multi-disciplinary team of experts, including neurosurgeon, pediatrician, rehabilitation therapist, and counselor, to ensure that every aspect of our MMC care is carefully considered. This multi-disciplinary approach not only improves the quality of care, but also simplifies the treatment process, providing patients and their families with a smooth experience. SCC is committed to social responsibility in every aspect of our operations. From providing cost-effective treatment options to working with local communities to increase awareness of MMC, the team is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those impacted by this condition.