Aims of SCC


MMC is easily preventable with focusses pre-natal care, diagnostics and nutrition. Education, awareness and training will help in removing the scourge of MMC from India.

Education of citizens and healthcare professionals on prevention.

Identification of MMC and its immediate management.

Seeking help and support for long term treatment and management.

Online library of MMC related information for patients and healthcare professional.

A public outreach program through print, radio, television and social media to make MMC an easily recognized word in the society.


A well-organized facility with efficient workflow to accept, identify, treat and advise MMC patients.

Comprehensive laboratory and investigations.

Surgeries and other therapies.

For those located away from Pune, remote counseling and telemedicine to patients and healthcare professionals.


Spinal and neurological (nervous system)


Andrology (sexual and reproductive)

Urology (urinary tract), nephrology (kidneys)