Neurogenic Bladder Treatment

Neurogenic Bladder Treatment in Pune

When an infant has a Neurogenic Bladder, it means that their bladder function is not controlled by their nerves by birth. Urinary control and bladder emptying issues may result from this malfunction. Numerous diseases affecting the spinal cord at birth, such as Spina Bifida or tethered spinal cord, as well as other neurological anomalies, can result in a neurogenic bladder in babies.

Infants with neurogenic bladder may experience difficulty urinating, frequent urination, retention of urine, urinary tract infections, and incontinence. Dr Shirish Yande who gives best Neurogenic bladder treatment in pune depending on the underlying illness and degree of nerve injury.

A review of the patient’s medical history, a physical examination, and diagnostic tests like MRIs, urodynamic studies, and ultrasounds are frequently used in the diagnosis of neurogenic bladder in infants in order to determine any underlying neurological conditions as well as to evaluate the anatomy and physiology of the urinary system.

What is an infant's neurogenic bladder?

Infants with neurogenic bladder are said to have unusual bladder function as a result of a neurological issue. This indicates that problems with peeing are caused by malfunctioning nerves controlling the bladder.

How Can Neurogenic Bladder in Infants Be Prevented?

The primary factor in preventing neurogenic bladder in babies is the underlying etiology, which varies. Nonetheless, there are a few broad approaches that can lessen the likelihood or intensity of the illness:

Prenatal care:

Getting the right prenatal care during your pregnancy might help you see any possible problems early on and take care of them.

Avoiding potential risk factors:

Taking precautions against situations or elements that may contribute to neurological issues, such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol while pregnant, leading a healthy lifestyle, and making sure the delivery process is safe.

Timely medical attention:

Early diagnosis and treatment can be facilitated by seeking medical attention if a newborn exhibits symptoms of brain disorders or urinary tract concerns.

Expert Advice for Managing Neurogenic Bladder in Infants:

Consultation with a pediatric urologist:

It’s critical to consult with a pediatric urologist who specializes in treating urine problems in young patients. They are able to offer a comprehensive assessment and suggest suitable courses of action.

Individualized treatment Plan :

Depending on the underlying cause and severity of the problem, there are different approaches to managing neurogenic bladder in newborns. A customized treatment plan designed to meet the unique requirements of the baby will be created by a pediatric urologist.

Multidisciplinary Approach :

In order to address the underlying neurological problems and maximize bladder function, controlling neurogenic bladder may occasionally necessitate consultation with other medical specialists, such as neurologists or physical therapists.